Company Overview

GlyEco is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of performance fluids for the automotive, commercial and industrial markets. We specialize in coolants, additives and complementary fluids. We believe our vertically integrated approach, which includes formulating products, acquiring feedstock, managing facility construction and upgrades, operating facilities, and distributing products through our fleet of trucks, positions us to serve our key markets and enables us to capture incremental revenue and margin throughout the process. Our network of facilities, develop, manufacture and distribute high quality products that meet or exceed industry quality standards, including a wide spectrum of ready to use antifreezes and additive packages for the antifreeze/coolant, gas patch coolants and heat transfer fluid industries, throughout North America.

GlyEco conducts its operation in two business segments: the Consumer segment and the Industrial segment. The Consumer segment’s principal business activity is the production and distribution of glycol products, specifically automotive antifreeze and specialty-blended antifreeze, for sale into the automotive and industrial end markets. The Consumer segment operates a full lifecycle business, picking up waste antifreeze and producing finished antifreeze from both recycled and virgin glycol sources. We operate six processing and distribution centers located in the eastern region of the United States. The production capacity of the Consumer segment is approximately 90,000 gallons per month of ready to use (50/50) antifreeze. Operations in our Industrial segment are conducted through WEBA and our WV facility. WEBA develops, manufactures and markets additive packages for the antifreeze/coolant, gas patch coolant and heat transfer industries worldwide. Our WV facility produces antifreeze and industrial grade ethylene glycol for sale to industrial customers worldwide. The production capacity of the WV facility is approximately 1.5 million gallons per month of concentrated ethylene glycol.

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