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GlyEco, Inc. was a chemical company focused on technology development and manufacturing of coolants, additives, and related performance fluids. We served and supported the automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets. Located in Institute, West Virginia GlyEco was a vertically integrated company which manufactured ethylene glycol, additives, and finished fluids.

Our Institute, West Virginia distillation facility acquired in 2016, produced both antifreeze grade and industrial grade mono-ethylene glycol.


2020 Updates

Glyeco will post current updates on operations and agreements as they are available.

January 2020 GlyEco filed 8-K announcing a strict forclosure by its secured lender. Subsequently, the plant in West Virginina was forclosed upon by the landlord. Clean out is being negotiated with the landlord.

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February, 2019 GlyEco Inc moved its headquarters from Rock Hill, SC to Institute WV. The move was prompted by the sale of the Consumer antifreeze Segments to Heritage-Crystal Clean. The sale was completed on January 11, 2019.

November, 2018 to PresentMarket sale price of ethlyene glycol droped significantly due to new production plants coming on-line in the gulf coast and subsequent assigned export tariffs. Glycol pricing continues to stay low (2/2020).

Public Company Information

Glyeco Inc. has  suspended operations and is in the process of re-evaluation. Please read the last 8-K SEC filing.

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