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    Glycol is 99% sustainable

Company Overview

GlyEco is a leading specialty chemical company, leveraging technology and innovation to focus on vertically integrated, eco-friendly manufacturing, customer service and distribution solutions. Our eight facilities, including the recently acquired 14-20 million gallons per year, ASTM E1177 EG-1, glycol re-distillation plant in West Virginia, deliver superior quality glycol products that meet or exceed ASTM quality standards, including a wide spectrum of ready to use antifreezes and additive packages for antifreeze/coolant, gas patch coolants and heat transfer fluid industry, throughout North America. Our team’s extensive experience in the chemical field, including direct experience with reclamation of all types of glycols, gives us the ability to process a wide range of feedstock streams, formulate and produce unique products and has earned us an outstanding reputation in our markets.


    We deliver the highest quality antifreeze, specialty blends, and windshield washer fluids meeting all ASTM specifications. Quality products and quality service is our DNA.


    We create the highest quality products from used antifreeze and other glycol waste streams. We understand waste glycol is a problem to dispose of. Give us a chance to solve your waste disposal problems. Our technology also includes our field systems that insure simple ordering and guaranteed delivery times. You operate your business – let us worry about product, delivery, and customer service. Several companies are using blockchain technology to efficiently track the delivery system. It allows extreme traceability. Blockchain offers traceability to crypto transactions also. Crypto traders can make use of AI technology to find the right trading signals. Check the Bit Index AI review to find out how AI technology is being used by crypto robots.


    We create specialized products to meet all OEM specifications on new and used vehicles with an emphasis on heavy duty and light truck. We make products available in totes, drums, and tanker truck loads.


    We create efficiencies through our waste disposal and product delivery network. We probably service your state, city, or town. If you operate in DE, FL, GA, IN, MD, MN, NC, ND, SC, SD, VA, parts of PA, parts of OH, or if you have waste East of the Rocky Mountains – we are here to service your needs.


    We create opportunities for state and local governments to initiate SUSTAINABLE (green) programs to meet all desired and regulated needs. Our glycol is 99% sustainable, and we are committed to supporting your goals.


    We create great opportunities for talented people! You may join our team in many ways including employment, partnership, or technology licensing. We are also very active in acquiring like-minded glycol recyclers. Come join us!

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to providing solutions, not just products: consistent, timely, and customized service; environmentally safe handling of waste; product and technology education; and technical performance support.

  • Market Leader

    GlyEco is the premier glycol recycling and glycol product company in the domestic United States. We are located where you are in most cases, but if not, we have a great network of partners to support your glycol initiatives. For local to regional bulk systems, we are here to serve you. CONTACT US NOW!

  • Customer Service

    GlyEco is passionate about customer service, and our customers love us! We will create a plan for your facility, product data sheets (SDS), and guarantee on-time delivery with no hassle. You may pay your bill via mobile payment with our courteous drivers, via our website, or via physical invoice.

  • Convenience

    GlyEco is FREE to get started! We deliver at no charge our glycol recycling kit for automotive retailers, service shops, HVAC, and other industries. We set the system up, schedule testing of your waste, and deliver a system that meets your needs – LARGE and SMALL.




  • Is your product recycled or virgin?

    We offer both a recycled and virgin antifreeze product. Our recycled antifreeze product is the highest quality recycled antifreeze on the market.

  • In what quantities do you deliver antifreeze?

    In what quantities do you deliver antifreeze?

  • Do you pick up waste antifreeze as well?

    Yes, we pick up waste antifreeze free of charge to all of our antifreeze customers.

  • What is your pricing?

    Our pricing is competitive in each of our delivery markets. Please contact us at [email protected] for current pricing and monthly promotions in your area.

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