Our subsidiary, WEBA, develops, manufactures and markets additive packages for the antifreeze/coolant, gas patch coolants and heat transfer industries. WEBA’s METALGUARDĀ® additive package product line includes one-step inhibitor systems, which give our customers the ability to easily make various types of antifreeze concentrate and 50/50 coolants for all automobiles, heavy-duty diesel engines, stationary engines in gas patch and other applications. METALGUARDĀ® additive packages cover the entire range of coolant types from basic green conventional to the newest extended life OAT antifreezes of all colors. Our heat transfer fluid additives allow our customers to make finished heat transfer fluids for most industry applications including all-aluminum systems. The METALGUARDĀ® heat transfer fluids include light and heavy-duty fluids, both propylene and ethylene glycol based, for various operating temperatures. These inhibitors cover the industry standard of phosphate-based inhibitors as well as all-organic (OAT) inhibitors for specific pH range and aluminum system requirements.


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