In order to extend our reach into the antifreeze and heat transfer fluid areas, and to create a fully-integrated company, we acquired WEBA Technology Corp. in December of 2016. WEBA has been producing inhibitors for water/glycol solutions since 2002.

WEBA manufactures METALGUARD additives, which are concentrated inhibitor packages to protect multiple metal types in various applications. WEBAs METALGUARD A series antifreeze additives combined with base glycols, glycerin and/or water create finished products including: antifreeze/coolants for use in automotive, heavy-duty diesel trucks, gas patch line and bath heaters, mining and more. WEBAs METALGUARD H series heat transfer additives are blended with glycol and water to be used in HVAC systems in buildings, ice rinks, cooling tower systems, chillers, and in stationary engines for cooling and pumping from gas patch applications to green houses. WEBA also creates specialty additive packages for customers in areas including metal working, tire filing solutions, fire resistant hydraulic fluids and others. Our chemists and engineers are constantly working to bring new products to the market and meet the demands of the changing industry.

WEBA Technology product lines:
1.        METALGUARD Extended life additives (OAT, HOAT, NOAT, P-OAT, S-OAT)
2.        METALGUARD Conventional additives (light and heavy-duty)
3.        METALGUARD Heat transfer fluid additives
4.        Specialty and Custom inhibitors

Please visit the WEBA Corp website for additional information:

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