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For many years, the only glycols recycled in any meaningful amount were antifreeze glycols.  The rest of the world’s glycol waste was simply dumped into the ground or into a body of water. 

Now, with our patent-pending process, we are able to recycle glycols from a wide variety of industries, including automotive, HVAC, aeronautics, textiles, and health care.  And, after years of research and development, our products are purer than ever before, meeting ASTM Type EG-1 standards reliably and cost-effectively. That is, our T1™ recycled glycols can be put to any use that newly produced glycol can be put to, and we have a process for recycling almost 100% of the world’s glycol waste. Our T2™ recycled glycols meet ASTM Type EG-2 standard, the strictest purity standard for recycled glycols intended for use in antifreeze products.


Our inventive technology removes challenging pollutants, including esters, organic acids, high dissolved solids and high undissolved solids. Our technology has the added benefit of deftly clearing oil/hydrocarbons, additives and dyes which are typically found in used engine coolants. A rigorous quality assurance and control program which includes independent lab testing ensures consistently high quality, ASTM standard compliant recycled material our customers can rely on.


Nothing will be the same. 


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