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Green Chemistry: Hotspots of Innovation 3

December 2, 2013

This is the last article in our series on using chemistry highlights a technology which keeps hazardous chemicals out of the environment while creating high demand products.


Prevent Pollution in the First Place:



At GlyEco, our business is to implement the #1 goal of green chemistry every day: stop pollution before it happens. And, we use innovative chemical technology to do it.


Our process allows businesses create great products, then send us the waste glycol created making those products for recycling.


This stops chemical byproducts from being wasted or becoming pollution. After using GlyEco Technology our technology cleans the waste glycols, they are reused to make more great products.


Steps to Sustainability

GlyEco is committed to changing the way the world looks at waste glycols. We have recently begun producing commercial quantities of recycled glycol which is indistinguishable from newly produced glycol. This development revolutionizes how waste generators look at their glycol chemical byproducts. These are the steps we take to keep waste glycol from becoming pollution:


Collect contaminated glycol

Our fleet of trucks collect used, contaminated glycol along routes, similar to the way garbage trucks pick up trash. We also receive railcars of waste glycol from businesses that generate waste and ship it to us. These businesses include regional waste antifreeze collectors, HVAC maintenance companies, polyester textile manufacturers, sterilization labs and airports.


Clean contaminated glycol with our patent-pending technology

Most recyclers rely on physical - mostly filtration - methods to clean glycols. We use a combination of chemistry and physical equipment. Our patent-pending technology dissolves and destroys contaminants and  separates out any remaining pollutants for safe disposal.


Sell Safe, clean ready-to-use glycols

We sell the highest quality recycled glycol products to customers throughout the United States. Customers who would otherwise purchase newly refined glycols made from petrochemical raw materials. Recycling glycol is more energy efficient than refining new glycols, which conserves gas, electricity and water.


Repeat Steps 1-3 indefinitely

The good news is that our customers can use recycled glycols again and again. There’s no need to use new raw materials to create new products or dispose of spent glycols in landfills or waterways.


The ideas and real-life uses of green chemistry highlighted in this series of articles will appear again and again in future posts.


Next Time: We start a new series of articles, which describe exciting changes in technology, processes and attitudes in the glycol recycling business.



The future can be cleaner.

At GlyEco, we believe providing information about chemistry-based pollution solutions is good for both the environment and your mind. Our team is dedicated to creating a future with less dirty glycol going to waste. It's a big job... and we are up to the challenge. Using our breakthrough technology, we clean all types of waste glycol, help safeguard the environment and create valuable green products.