Our Light-Duty Extended Life Antifreeze contains a mixture of proprietary organic acid technology (OAT) inhibitor system that is significantly more durable that conventional additive systems for automotive, light duty use, resulting in a 5-year, 150,000 mile service life. The antifreeze is suitable for use in foreign and domestic passenger cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks requiring extended-life antifreeze.

Light-Duty Extended Life Antifreeze contains no borate, nitrate, nitrite, phosphates, silicates, or amines. It is compatible with all organic acid extended life coolants and conventional coolants. Additionally, this antifreeze/coolant contains inhibitors that protect all cooling system metals. Together with the glycol base, these inhibitors combined with other additives, give year-round protection against freeze-ups, boil-overs and engine cooling system corrosion. This antifreeze/coolant also includes ingredients to disperse minor oil leakage, prevent fouling, control hot surface scaling and it will not damage auto finishes or rubber parts and can be incidentally mixed with most major brands of OAT, HOAT and conventional antifreezes without precipitation problems.

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