Our Poly-Organic Extended Life is an extended life antifreeze/coolant and contains a proprietary poly-organic/multi-organic acid technology inhibitor system that does not contain any phosphate, silicate, borate, nitrate or nitrite. This antifreeze/coolant incorporates the latest technology for heavy-duty service and it also is an excellent product for a wide range of light-duty automobile, trucks for most makes and models. It can be used in any car or light-duty truck that requires an OAT, HOAT or poly/multi-organic antifreeze/coolant. The color of the coolant originally in the vehicle may be yellow, orange, red, blue, blue-green, but may be other colors as well. This 50/50 coolant is compatible with all types of engine coolants including green coolants.

Poly-Organic Extended Life protects all types of metals found within the engine including all-aluminum style engines. In automobiles, light trucks, SUV’s, vans and other light duty applications, this product will provide a service life in excess of 5 years or 150,000 miles. The unique combination of inhibitors combined with other proprietary additives, give year-round protection against freeze-ups, boil-overs and engine cooling system corrosion. This antifreeze/coolant also includes ingredients to disperse minor oil leakage, prevent fouling, control hot surface scaling and it will not damage auto finishes or rubber parts.

Poly-Organic Extended Life’s all-organic/poly-organic acid formulation has several other advantages. It is compatible with all types of coolant technologies including conventional inorganic acid salt formulations, straight organic acid (OAT) formulations, hybrid organic acid formulations (HOAT), nitrited HOAT formulations (NOAT) and other poly-organic acid formulations. Additionally, Poly-Organic Extended Life has a low reactivity which makes it less sensitive to contaminants such as motor oil, hard water compounds and other coolants. In fact, it can be mixed with other coolants in any proportion without adverse effects on corrosion protection

Poly-Organic Extended Life is suitable for passenger cars, vans, SUVs, light trucks, heavy-duty fleet vehicles and many off-road applications such as stationary engine cooling systems. It will provide superior corrosion protection for all cooling system metals, including aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, brass and solder.

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